Send us your logo ideas!

I’m a Marvin and damn proud of it!

Welcome to the only club exclusively for those with the name Marvin!

If you are a Marvin, aren’t you tired of seeing or hearing our name being used with disrespect or as part of a joke, used to name some dismal person or character or in another derogatory manner?
I am!

If your first, middle or last name is Marvin then this club is for you!

Come join me!

My mission and purpose of this club is to bring the name Marvin some respect and unite all Marvins to help build the name Marvin to a respectable level and have some fun while were at it. Let’s fight back and raise the level of respectability to our name. This site is the first stage of what will be a commitment to furthering the legacy and respectability of the name Marvin. Of course there are also many “GREAT” Marvins, this mission is for them as well.

Coming in the future will be updated web sites, newsletters, items baring the name and logo for this club and other benefits that are typical to clubs, and benefits you’d come to expect from a quality organization. These will be determined in an ongoing basis.

First, I need a logo for our club. I have some ideas but I’d like to see others. Send me ideas for a logo and if I choose it and use it, you will be rewarded with a lifetime membership to our club.

Join me now by becoming a charter member by sending your name, address, e-mail and any other information you wish, along with payment of $29.95 for your first year of membership.

Send to:

Marvin's World
226 Saxony Rd
Department MW123
Johnstown, CO 80534

You will receive your membership package in the mail within a few weeks.
If you need further info contact me at

*This endeavor is dedicated to this first Marvin I ever knew, My Uncle, Marvin Edsel Collet, who starting at a very young age, over 85 years ago, has always been known as “Dude”!

**Special note to Meatloaf, For an Autograph you’ll become a lifetime member!
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